The end of my car!
I parked my car in front of the YHA in Alice Springs for the night from 24.3. to the 25.3.den 25.3.
I couldn't find my car the next morning, when I wanted to pack it. It was gone!! So I walked to the police office and asked if they towed my casr away. But the council just towes away after a couple of weeks and someone complains about it. In the ext two minutes a man walked in and reported that he found a burnt car about 6km south of Alice.
He had the number plate with him.
This car was my car!!!
The police got my details and two offiers were kind enough to take me to my burnt out car.
It's not really funny when they steal your second home and burn it!
And I had to find out that my insurance was cancelled.
I will report about this in a couple of days. There might be a chance that I get my money....
I left Alice Springs on 17.04.99 to Coober Pedy and Adelaide.
For everyone who has a GPS device and wants to have a look at my car:
S23°45'01,1 / E133°52'10,4
5,9 km 193° from the Pioneer YHA / Parsons St
You will find 3 more abonded cars there.
Unfortunately this place is between 2 Aboriginal communitys. It's not difficult to think that Aboriginals have something to do with this...
If you or a friend of yours ever come to Alice Springs you better have a steering wheel lock and don't leave values in the car.
And it might be a good idea to check the insurance.
This was pratical the end of my journey. I was not in the mode to continue. I just took my time and got back to Melbourne.
In the night from 27.03. to 28.03. was another car stolen. Basicly from the same spot, where my car stood a couple of days ago. This car belonged to Charles, a 19year old Candian Tourist.
The story from Charles' car (still in german)
The Centralian Advocate (still in german, but the article is in english)
The opinion of the citizens of Alice Springs (still in german)
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